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This page contains an archive of the older updates on this Web site. For more recent changes, please consult the main Updates page.

[N] marks a new page, [A] marks an addition to a page, [C] marks a change to a page

Older History of Changes

17 April 1999 [N] Navigation Frame
This is to help you quickly whizz around my pages!

17 January 1999 [N] Review: 'Life as a Siamese Monk'
A review of an excellent spiritual autobiography about an Englishman's training as a Buddhist monk in Thailand.

19 September 1998 [C] Mini Index to Dhammakaya
This page has been updated with a few more links - to a new site for the Dhammakaya Buddhist Meditation Institute, and also to the Dhammakaya International Society of Belgium.

24 August 1998 [C] The Taste of Thailand
The extracts from cookery book have been a little embellished :-)

23 August 1998 [C] Link Repairs
A number of broken links have been repaired, particularly in the religious pages. More to follow ...

16 June 1998 [C] Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda
A programme is now available for the official opening ceremony. All welcome.

22 April 1998 [N] PT Internet
I'm now at your service if you or your organisation would like internet assistance.

21 April 1998 [N] In Sight of the Beginning
This is an autobiographical spiritual work which you are welcome to read.

20 April 1998 [N] Ph.D. Thesis - download
For a while, you can download a copy of my Ph.D. on the use of Formal Methods for Safety-critical systems (in postscript format). This is rather different in flavour from the work above, but not completely!

14 April 1998

4 April 1998[C] Progress report on Dhamma-Talaka Peace Pagoda in Birmingham
The pagoda will be officially opened in June and guests will arrive from all over the world. The latest report is taken from the Spring 98 issue of the newsletter of the Birmingham Buddhist vihara.

1 April 1998 [A]Buddhist Resources Page
A few more additions to the Resources page, mainly on the Arts and Social side - there is a new small section on the Arts.

30 November 1997 [N] Noticeboard
A noticeboard indicating, e.g., email availability.

17 October 1997 [N] Buddhist-Christian encounter
Details of a forthcoming course at the United College of Ascension in June 1998

14 October 1997 [A] Kathina Celebrations at Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda
Details of Kathina Celebrations at the pagoda on October 19th, including programme for the day.

late September 1997[N] Progress report on Dhamma-Talaka Peace Pagoda in Birmingham
The pagoda is nearing completion. This report is taken from the Autumn 97 issue of the newsletter of the Birmingham Buddhist vihara.

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