Wat Jaroen Bhawana, London

a Thai temple in the Dhammakaya tradition

Photo taken at the front of the Wat, on the opening ceremony, 7 July 2002

Official Opening Ceremony, 7th July 2002


This temple welcomes anyone who is interested in learning about meditation and Buddhism.  It is part of a foundation of temples in the dhammakaya tradition.   The name of the temple means something like dedicated practice.

The opening ceremony, with a photograph above, took place just a couple of  weeks after the monks and resident lay supporters had moved in - they and the supporting community are very active!

Contact Details

306 Norbury Avenue
SW15 3RL
Tel: 0208 764 8265

email: dimcuk[at]hotmail.com (replace the [at] by @]


Getting There

The temple is in South London, Zone 5.  If you are coming from the North, you can catch a direct train from Victoria.  The service is quite frequent with departures from Victoria every half hour, e.g:

08.19 08.49 09.19 09.49
10.19 10.49 11.19 11.49

Return trains run at 20 and 50 past the hour.

Map of Norbury


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