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The following is a copy of the application form for one of the events that was held last year at the USPG College of the Ascension (now the United College of the Ascension).

Christian/Buddhist Encounter

A course to be held on Tuesday, 4th June at 2.15 p.m., until 3.30p.m. on Thursday, 6th June, 1996

    at the College of the Ascension, Birmingham, UK

At one level Buddhism seems further away from Christianity than any of the major world faiths. At another level, the Christian/Buddhist encounter can yield great fruit, when people of integrity from the two faiths grow to understand what each has to offer. Buddhism has had a particular attraction to western people seeking a new way forward. There has been a long record of interaction in eastern countries where Buddhism was born and is in the majority.

In this course, we will look at the encounter historically in the East. We will look at the meeting today at the level of ideas of scriptural texts and of the spirit ('Love meets wisdom' - Aloysius Pieris). We will look at issues of conversion from one faith to another. We will also make visits (there are fourteen Buddhist Centres in the Birmingham area).

Resource people will include the Revd. Andrew Wingate, who has had twenty years of experience of interfaith dialogue in India and Britain, Dr. Elizabeth Harris, Research Fellow at Westminster College, Oxford, and Inter-Faith Adviser to the Methodist Church, the Revd. Jemima Prasadam, Inter-Faith worker in Luton and the Diocese of St. Albans, and Ms. Ramona Kauth, Lecturer in Buddhism, plus other Buddhists.

This course will also be to honour Fuengsin Trafford, a Buddhist from Thailand, a regular person on our courses and servant of inter-faith understanding in the West Midlands, who died suddenly in February, 1995.

Course Fee (UK Pounds Sterling): 60- Residential (45- Non-residential)

Our principle is that no-one should feel that they cannot attend because of lack of finance. If you are not able to pay from personal funds or find a local bursary, please contact the College.

Forms may be obtained from:

Revd. Andrew Wingate
The Principle
College of the Ascension
Weoley Park Road
Selly Oak
England, U.K.

Tel: 0121 472 4320

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