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You are currently browsing a page from Paul Trafford's web site hosted courtesy of a UK Internet Access Provider called Easynet.

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This site is quite simple in design (e.g. contains no JAVA), so is suitable for most web browsers: using version 3 or above of Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer should be fine. However, as it is , then earlier versions that support tables and background images may well be fine.

The recommended resolution is 800*600, with at least 256 colours, but 640*480 should be okay.

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Unfortunately, at present I'm not aware of any search engines you can use specifically for this site, but a fair amount of information should be indexed with Alta Vista.

Recent updates and changes are maintained on the Updates page.

If you have any comments or queries about these Web pages, then please feel free to send a message using the feedback form or just mail me.
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Last modified: 17th October 1997