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Mrs. Fuengsin Trafford
24 Dec. 1936 - 23 Feb. 1995

A woman child, O Lord of men, may prove
Even a better offspring than a male!"

Neither my father or I were present at the time of Fuengsin's passing at St. Mary's Hospice in Birmingham. In fact, we had been getting a couple of hours rest at home and were just about to leave, when we received the news.

Just before the phone rang, I had wandered over to a bookshelf and decided to select a book; having done so, I then acted spontaneously and opened a page ... to reveal the quote at the top from 'King Khosala's daughter' (-exact reference to be inserted here-) which had been quoted in Narada's 'The Teachings of the Buddha'.

I know my mother had often been concerned - for whatever reason - by the fact that she had been born a woman. Here at last was the answer.

- Paul

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