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Almost a Pop Star

From an early age Fuengsin was known for being the ‘life and soul of the party’. She can be seen in black and white photos in her college days sporting a cap; and she would often carry with her a mouth organ.

She was not formally trained as a musician but had a good ear and a sweet singing voice. I recall her lulling me to sleep with "She’ll be coming round the mountain" whilst she played the guitar accompaniment. Her personality could bring music to life. One day a monk made a serious prediction saying that she could, if she wished, become a famous pop star! Instead, she chose a more important life, though she had a few minutes on national fame when one day the BBC Radio 1 Roadshow came to town…

That day they were in Birmingham and entered "Pranee’s Thai Restaurant" in Selly Oak. I really don’t know how they landed there. Anyway, the forthright DJs challenged the rather shy Thai staff to sing for charity, but received a polite and rather timid refusal. Finally, Mum, seeing that no-one else would make the effort, volunteered and gave a rendition of ‘Daisy Daisy’ in Thai!

This really is true since I was studying down at Southampton University at the time and one of my friends, Carl Maynard, surprised me one day, "Your Mum was on the radio. She has a nice singing voice!"

- Paul

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