reserved space Biography of Fuengsin Trafford

A Prayer to St. Francis of Assisi

Fuengsin’s favourite holiday destination became Italy - she was attracted by the vitality of the people and its various expressions, especially art and architecture, particularly related to Christianity. She was very grateful to some friends who could explain the works of Fra Angelico, amongst others.

Fuengsin was also drawn to some of Italy’s saints, especially St. Francis of Assisi. On one trip in June 1994 she had the opportunity of visiting the great basilica where lies the tomb of St. Francis. At the time she was severely constipated (perhaps an indication that her health was failing even then), so she prayed to St. Francis for help. Immediately after making the request, she had a sudden rush to the toilet - indeed her prayer had been answered! When relating this incident, she mentioned that she knew that St. Francis himself had suffered stomach trouble, but I'm not sure whether she was aware of this at the time of her trouble.

Whilst she was in Italy, she was looking around for a little statue of St. Francis, but for some reason she was unable to obtain anything suitable. On her return to England, one day she went to visit Brother Bill Jordan, S.J,. at Manresa House. The first thing Brother Bill did was to present her with a statue of St. Francis holding two doves, yet he had not known that she had been looking for such an object! The dear little memento was then placed affectionately on the mantelpiece at home, and Mum related to me how she was fond at gazing at this statue (I think it was especially at the compassionate expression on the saint’s face).

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