by Ven. Ajahn Sanong Katapunyo

Wat Sanghathan, Thailand


  1. Mind is important
  2. The rope to tie the monkey
  3. Once the mind is let loose, there will be no stopping it
  4. To study a religion is to study the mind
  5. Making one's mind the temple
  6. Touching only the bark
  7. Attachment to outer merit
  8. Worship with Practice
  9. Old Merit, New Accumulation
  10. When meditation is not up to standard
  11. Training one's mind with services
  12. No virtue done, no wholesome state of mind experienced
  13. To wish is the creation of Parami
  14. Sceptical Doubt
  15. Stick to the same technique
  16. Holding on to the one principle
  17. Not wanting to be free
  18. The Sea of Life
  19. Understanding by stilling the mind
  20. Towards Cessation of Suffering
  21. To Contemplate the way out of Suffering
  22. Overcoming through endurance
  23. Perseverance is necessary
  24. The 5 Nivarana
  25. A Great Fighter
  26. The Path of mind is to know one's mind
  27. To prepare one's mind
  28. How to correct the mind
  29. There is no achievement without training
  30. The weapon in one's mind
  31. A diamond in one's mind
  32. Not as wise as others
  33. It has to be proved by oneself


Kind permission to reproduce this work was granted by Ajahn Piboon of Wat Sanghathan, 107 Handsworth Wood Road, Birmingham, B20 2PH.

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