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The Third Noble Truth

If you have been following these articles from the beginning, then you will have read about dukkha (or unsatisfactoriness/suffering), being The First Noble Truth, and its arising - The Second Noble Truth. Although a quick glance at our pages may seem depressing, actually making the effort to see things as they really are brings about realisation and release. Indeed, in examining carefully these two great Truths, we naturally discover the Third, DukkhaNirodha, being the Cessation of Dukkha, more commonly called Nibbana (Nirvana, in Sanskrit).

So what is the Cessation of dukkha? It is simple, so I give a picture instead of the usual mass of words:

fires of tanha burn when clinging

Non-attachment - letting go
is the key to extinguishing
the fires of craving.

[the picture is a kind of montage using images from One Mile Up, Inc. and Techpool Studios clipart libraries, available with CorelDraw!3].

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Nirvana is the ultimate liberation, what could be termed for Buddhists, the Absolute.

O bhikkhus, what is the Absolute (Asamhata = unconditioned)?
It is, O bhikkhus, the extinction of desire (ragakkhayo),
the extinction of hatred (dosakkhayo),
the extinction of illusion (mohakkhayo.
This, O bhikkhus, is called the Absolute.

Thus the Third Noble Truth, the Cessation of dukkha, which can be simply stated, yet has proved so hard to realize. In view of the immense difficulty, the Buddha is said to have baulked at the idea of trying to convey such deep truths, but eventually (and fortunately for us:), he gave in his first sermon even some medicine that we can take for ourselves to be cured and realise dukkhanirodha - that medicine is the Fourth Noble Truth, being the Eightfold Noble Path


This article was originally one of a series of contributions I made as a 'Buddhist Guide' for the Mining Company.

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- Paul Trafford